Something I like about meditation is the way it brings you back to yourself. Yoga does the same of course. But you need a special space and mat and plenty of time. What we often need is a way of just calming down, reconnecting with ourselves, in the midst of a busy daily routine. 

Simply by stopping your flow of thoughts. No, you can’t stop them, of course, that’s not the right word. You become aware of them. You watch them, and you feel a sense of control. Oh, so that’s what my mind is doing all the time. It’s as if your mind is something else, that you can’t see, and which controls you. 

If you slow down, close your eyes, and just pay attention to your breathing, your thoughts are still there, but you can gradually begin to separate yourself from them, see them as if from the outside. The real you takes over. You remind yourself of who you really are when you do this.

It’s beautiful, and peaceful, and energizing. Whatever is going on in your life, if you can distance yourself from it for just a few minutes, you see that this is simply how things are, for everybody, and you can deal with it.

By Mike Watkins